How to Survive Squid Game

 The binge-worthy ultra-violent game show from hell Squid Game has become a worldwide media sensation and is quickly becoming netflix's biggest show yet. With our minds being dominated by squiggy games lethal interpretations of children's games we can't think of a better time to place a bet on our favorite player you. But don't freak out we'll give you the tips you need to survive all six deadly games and get your hands on 38 million dollars here's how to survive squid game for those who aren't already obsessing over squid game.

Here's the rundown on what you're getting yourself into in the show hundreds of dead written players participate in a series of secret highly organized and incredibly unsettling children's games, the rules are simple. If a contestant wins all six games they get 45.6 billion won. If they lose they die. Oh, did we not mention that part? Now it's your turn to play. Make it to the end of the six terrifying rounds, and prize money is yours. Lose just one game, and, well you get the idea.

 Step one

Don't look her in the eye- The game is red light green, light. This one plays just like the classic playground favorite, only a little more sinister when a giant nightmare-inducing doll says "green light" players must run toward the finish line. But be careful, as soon as the doll says "red light" players must freeze in place. If it catches you moving, you're eliminated. And when we say eliminated we mean brutally shot. Our strategy? Don't look at the doll. Her haunting gaze is only going to throw you off your game. Since all the cues you need to look out for are auditory, the doll is nothing more than a visual distraction. A terrifying, haunt-you-in-your-dreams kind of distraction. Instead, you need to focus on your feet and stability. We'd also recommend getting behind another player, preferably one that's larger than you.

Step two

 Treat yourself- The honeycomb challenge is based on a popular south korean game where a shape is pressed into the center of a very thin piece of toffee candy. The goal is to break the shape out of the candy without cracking it in the process. In squid game players select one of four shapes. Circle, triangle, star or umbrella. They are given 10 minutes to use a tiny needle to cut the shape out of a brittle piece of honeycomb toffee. The catch is you break it, you buy it. You know, in the sense that you bought the farm. I know it sounds crazy, but maybe it's time for a snack break. The candy is known to crack in a straight line.You could counteract this by licking the candy. As you continue to enjoy your life or death honey snack, your saliva will moisten the toffee, making it less fragile and easier to cut.

Step three 

Use your noggin- Squid game offers your classic tug tug-of-war match, only with one major difference. A death drop of 305 meters for the losing team. The secret to making sure your team doesn't go over the edge is brains over brawn. Start the challenge by positioning everyone on alternating sides of the road while leaning back as far as possible. Position your heaviest team member at the back of the rope to anchor it and everyone plants their feet facing forward. This will counter the pulling from the other platform. Essentially, you're holding fast, while the other team is wearing themselves out, letting you go for the final pull to win the game.

 Step four 

Play dirty-  In this fatal game of marbles, players partner up and are each given a pouch of 10. You have just 30 minutes to get your hands on all of your opponent's marbles. Now, unless you've got a secret passion for dominating the playground game scene. We'd recommend you play dirty. The rules of the game don't dictate specifically how to win. So your best option is to cheat, lie and manipulate your way into making your opponent literally lose their marbles. Look, we know it's pretty low, but between 20 marbles or a bullet. Guess, which one We choose?

 Step 5

Watch your step- You might want to take off your shoes for this one. The glass stepping stones game sees contestants walking over a long bridge constructed from both strong tempered glass and normal glass panels. You know, the shatter-under-the-weight-of-a-human type of glass? In a deadly game of trial and error, each player follows the other with additional panels breaking as the bridge becomes cluttered with more people. This challenge comes down to dumb luck unless you're holding some inside information. If you wanted to bend the rules, you could drop a knee and test the weight of a panel before committing. Just don't get caught though, these guys are sticklers for the rules.

Step 6 

Keep your cool- Here it is, the final game. Squid game is based on the Korean schoolyard contest between two teams attempting to take over the other's territory. You do that, you win. It's all about strategically thinking two steps ahead of your opponent while simultaneously outmaneuvering them. When you twist it into a head-to-head death match, you're not just battling over space on a court drawn in the sand, you're fighting for your life, and some serious cash. Just remember, not to let the last five games go to your head. You don't want to lose your cool in the final game. 

Congrats, you made it through all six games. Your prize? 45.6 billion won and years of therapy. And look I know it got messy in there, but this is how to survive, not how to make friends, okay?  People can do some pretty crazy things when they're desperate. Just think of the movie, the purge, for example, where society instituted one night a year, where all crimes are legal. Do you think you have what it takes to make it through the night? 

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