Jake Paul’s Comment About Olivia Rodrigo UPSETS Fans!

 Jake Paul just opened up about his time working with Olivia Rodrigo and said he knew she had “something special,” which garnered some pretty strong reactions from fans!

Jake Paul’s Comment About Olivia Rodrigo UPSETS Fans!

 Believe it or not, Jake Paul and Olivia Rodrigo actually go pretty far back! You see, the Youtuber-turned-boxer made his acting debut on Disney’s Bizaardvark back in 2016, where he played the character, Dirk Mann. 

Olivia also starred in the show before she was launched into musical superstardom, playing the part of Paige Olvera. 
The two were on Bizaardvark together until Jake was let go from the show in 2017, and while they did not stay in touch after the show, Olivia did agree that Jake believed in her talent during a recent interview. 

Jake Paul’s Comment About Olivia Rodrigo UPSETS Fans!

While speaking with the LA Times, Olivia said of Jake, “I haven’t seen him since he left the show. But the last thing he said to me was ‘you're gonna sell out stadiums one day, kid, He called my success.
She continued, “God, my publicist would not appreciate me saying this. He was very nice to me.

 Olivia is more than likely referring to the fact that Jake is…a controversial figure, to say the least, after gaining a reputation for being rowdy, destructive, and a bad influence on his generally young viewer demographic. 
Because of this, it’s not totally surprising that Olivia's publicity team would want nothing to do with Jake, despite his and Olivia’s history of working together on Bizaardvark

And in a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Jake responded to Olivia’s recent remarks, claiming he knew early on that Olivia was going to be a star and told her she was, “going to sell out stadiums.” “She was just so amazing at singing. I would say ‘you’re the next Selena Gomez, you’re the next Selena Gomez, I’m gonna brag about knowing you one day."

He went on to add, “She’s a superstar. It’s as clear as day, so I’m not really like a rocket scientist. You know, obviously, I spotted it early on, but I just knew she was gonna be a superstar.”

Jake hasn’t been shy about posting some throwback pics of him and Olivia ever since the singer skyrocketed to fame, and even added to his IG bio, “Olivia Rodrigo’s #1 fan!”
Jake Paul’s Comment About Olivia Rodrigo UPSETS Fans!

And from the looks of it, fans aren’t so happy with Jake’s apparent clout-chasing when it comes to his “friendship” with Olivia

In response to Jake’s latest comments, this Instagram user wrote, “NAHH STAY AWAY FROM HER!!”
Jake Paul’s Comment About Olivia Rodrigo UPSETS Fans!

And this person spoke on Olivia’s behalf, commenting “that girl does not like him if he doesn’t give it up…
Jake Paul’s Comment About Olivia Rodrigo UPSETS Fans!

However, some fans stood up for Jake’s compliment, with this user writing, “wait lowkey kinda sweet.”
Jake Paul’s Comment About Olivia Rodrigo UPSETS Fans!

So is this really just a sincere compliment from Jake’s end, or is it just another example of his classic clout chasing? 
Well…it’s hard to tell, but it does seem like Jake is genuinely happy for his former co-star. 

Olivia, on the other hand, seems like she appreciated Jake’s comment, but to be honest, we shouldn't blame her if she wanted absolutely nothing to do with this guy. 

As of now, Olivia has yet to respond to Jake’s latest comments, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated if she does. 
We’re seriously so curious to see if Jake will continue to “stan” Olivia as he gears up for his next big UFC match and if Olivia will make any further comments about her estranged relationship with Jake. 

For now, one thing’s for sure: while Jake’s compliments towards Olivia might be sweet, fans have a feeling things could turn…sour?

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