‘Euphoria’ Star Sophia Rose Wilson Under Frire For Racist Social Media Content!

 Euphoria actress Sophia Rose Wilson is under fire after some controversial social media posts resurfaced using racial slurs and celebrating certain political victories.     

‘Euphoria’ Star Sophia Rose Wilson Under Frire For Racist Social Media Content!

A series of problematic social media messages from Euphoria actress Sophia Rose Wilson have surfaced, and now some are urging her exit from the show.   
Sophia, who stars as Barbara “BB” Brooks (also known as “Vape Girl”) in the drama series, first made an appearance in season 1, and although she isn't a main character,  she can be most commonly recognized due to her one-liners.   “Worldstar!”  

That said, some of Sophia’s past “one-liners” have landed her in hot water, after a viral  TikTok video shared last week revealed offensive Facebook posts that were shared from an account using the name Sophia Rose Wilson back in 2016.  

One post, in particular, uses the n-word several times, as well as the R-word- a form of hate speech against those with intellectual disabilities…  
While the other celebrate former president Donald Trump’s 2016 victory, which reads,  “Trump just won Ohio!!”  with a laughing/winking emoji.  

At the time of reporting, the viral video had 2.6 million views, and the TikTok user who shared the video revealed to the Daily Dot that the Facebook posts actually “resurfaced for the first time when season 1 was released,” – but that nobody really paid attention as this all went down around the same time as Barbie Ferreira’s racist posts surfaced.  

Many fans ultimately put two-and-two together, and posted comments recalling a video that  showed Sophia following the rest of the Euphoria cast, however, “no one followed her,”  to which the commenter recalled, “I was sad for her but now I get it.”

Others weren’t as upset about the fact that Sophia openly supported Trump in high school,  but it was the racist slurs that really irked them.   
Sophia doesn’t have a lead role, and many Euphoria fans are urging producers to just fire her completely, as the evidence continues to make the rounds.   

This isn’t the first time a Euphoria cast member has been exposed for their past racist remarks.   Actress Ziayla Pizarro, who plays Elliot (AKA actor Dominic Fike’s) cousin on the series,  has also been slammed for the use of the N-word and R-word during an Instagram Live, as well as a series of tweets.  

Ziayla even admitted during the Livestream that she is not Black, but that “half her family is Black,” adding that she is of German and Puerto Rican descent.  Clearly, there are multiple issues with the supporting cast of Euphoria, many of which should not be overlooked.   

At this time, production has yet to address the recent evidence that has surfaced, but should that change, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.    

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