The Weeknd Shades Selena Gomez In New Song?!

 The Weeknd dropped his fifth studio album on Friday and naturally, fans got to work to decode all the lyrics, only to connect the pieces with regards to some major shade being thrown at Selena Gomez

The Weeknd Shades Selena Gomez In New Song?!

The highly anticipated Dawn FM has officially dropped and The Weeknd wasted no time in stirring up some major buzz over some of his lyrics.   
Not only has one song in particular raised massive speculation that he may be referencing his rumoured relationship with Angelina Jolie, but in the same song, fans are now convinced that he may be throwing a bit of shade toward his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.  

The track in question, called “Here We Go…  Again” featuring Tyler the Creator, contains revealing lyrics about falling for a “movie star”, in which many feel he’s referring to Angelina, but in typical Abel fashion,  even more, lyrics appear to expose a former flame.   

In one verse, The Weeknd sings, “You said you wanted your boyfriend jealous with a couple  pics / And you didn’t expect to fall for me once you got this d*ck.”  

Photo evidence has been shared by some sleuthy fans alongside the lyrics, as many recall what appear to be staged paparazzi photos of Abel and Selena kissing on a yacht back in 2017.  
It’s also important to note that these photos were released around February, which just so happens to be the time of the Super Bowl, as many have already connected another set of Abel’s lyrics to the same song. 

This line reads, “Strike a pose with my kinfolk, the front page of the Billboards / We  still celebratin’ Super Bowl / Catalog lookin’ legendary, ring froze like it’s February.”  

The Weeknd Shades Selena Gomez In New Song?!

One user tweeted, “For all the people saying “nah this ain’t about ab3lena”, I hate to break this to you but the yacht pics came out in February…  during super bowl season, idk y’all I’m the first to always debunk. But…”  

But in the interest of playing devil’s advocate, The Weeknd did just perform during the most recent Super Bowl Halftime Show, so there’s a chance he could simply be reminiscing on his critically-acclaimed performance.   
He and Selena have also since appeared to have patched things up as she was seen last year singing along to his Super Bowl performance backstage.  

With that said, it seems fans aren’t as forgiving considering Abel’s past with exposing his exes, including Bella Hadid, in his cryptic lyrics.  

The Weeknd Shades Selena Gomez In New Song?!
One angered Selena fan wrote, “He's acting like a teenager omg move on it's been 5 years  already,” 
The Weeknd Shades Selena Gomez In New Song?!
and this person commented, “I just now need a diss track from Selena.”  

Clearly, the internet has spoken and it looks like they’re team Selena on this one.  But there’s no doubt fans will continue to dissect his lyrics in the weeks to come.  

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