Selena Gomez Comments On Her Barefoot Moment!

Leave it to Selena Gomez to go viral for simply just walking barefoot in public.  Now you’ve gotta hear what she had to say about it!  

Selena Gomez Comments On Her Barefoot Moment!

Public, on stage at an award show, it’s all the same to Selena! On Sunday at the SAG Awards, Selly made headlines – literally – for just going out on stage barefoot to present an award with her ‘Only Murders in the Building’ co-star Martin  Short.   

While she made a hilarious joke about Botox with Martin, that was completely overlooked by the fact that she had no shoes on from the minute she walked out.   
I mean, girlfriend even wore a million-dollar necklace, and while it was clearly flashy…  It wasn’t the main thing viewers had their eyes on.  

Anyway, Selena’s choice to forego any footwear came after she took a little tumble on the red carpet before the show.   

Selena Gomez Comments On Her Barefoot Moment!

Poor Selena tripped and fell to her knees in front of a bunch of photographers and immediately decided to ditch the heels the rest of the night.  
And while it was a wild choice to just not wear shoes at all during the event, her fans went WILD over it.   

Selena Gomez Comments On Her Barefoot Moment!

One person wrote, “Selena going barefoot in front of some of the biggest celebrities  is actually the most Selena Gomez thing she could do”  

Another tweeted, “Selena Gomez presenting barefoot at the SAG awards and I love it.”   

While one fan joked that Sel’s choice in ditching the heels completely changed the world’s vibe.  
Selena Gomez Comments On Her Barefoot Moment!
They wrote, “Selena Gomez presenting at the SAG Awards barefoot is definitely proof  of the vibe shift.”   

And if we know Selena like her biggest fans know her, she definitely couldn’t help but address the heel-free look in the best way possible.   

Not long after that fateful night, Selena took to Instagram to do a little photo dump from the show with BTS photos and captioned the post, “Last night was such a magical one.  I couldn’t keep my heels on but I did manage to take a couple selfies.”   

Sometimes you just kinda have to poke fun at the crazy situations life throws your way,  am I right?  As if we needed more reasons to stan our girl, Selena Gomez.

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