Shawn Mendes Dating Again?!

Does Shawn Mendes have someone new in his life he’s dating?  There’s some tea out there that he just might be, so let’s get into it!  

Shawn Mendes Dating Again?!

Looks like months following a tough breakup from ex-girlfriend Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes might be getting back on the dating horse– at least that’s what’s being speculated! 

According to an anonymous submission on celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi, Shawn Mendes is allegedly  “excited” about a new lady in his life.  

The submission starts off by saying, “Was sitting like 2 feet away from Shawn Mendes  at Moonshaddows in Malibu a few days ago L-O-L.”  It then eventually continues with, “could definitely eavesdrop a little because my girlfriend and I were so close to his table.  Heard him saying something about someone named Hollis.” 
And apparently heard him say her name a few times.  

The person who submitted the D-M also made a side note– sharing that the name could have been Hollis or Halle because their girlfriend thought they heard Halle.  

Well, whoever this Hollis- Halle person is, the anonymous source shares that Shawn was allegedly excited to see her soon.  

The source wasn’t aware of whether or not Shawn’s connection to this person was a  “known thing”, but we can assure them, Shawn possibly seeing someone with any name that begins with “H” is not public knowledge!  

The tip source noted that Shawn seemed really sweet and paid the bill for his small group at the restaurant.  

Now, of course, this is just a rumour and all gossip at this stage and the anonymous DeuxMoi source did make sure to mention that Hollis or Halle “could be anyone though but I really hope I heard legitimate tea!  

Trust us, when we say we hope you did too, friend!  
But like WOW!!!  Imagine eating out and being lucky enough to sit near a major celebrity and overhear a conversation with that kind of tea!?  

If this info actually ends up being true, then the person who submitted the tip hit the jackpot for sure. 

So we’ll do our best to keep you updated if anything develops from this tea worthy story!  

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